Variety Pack

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The patches can be worn anywhere on the body, but they are especially effective on: Arms, Forearms, Wrists, Hands, Lower Back, Elbows, Shoulders, Knee, Calves, Feet, Ankles, Hamstrings, Neck, and Mid-to-Upper Back.

For PERFORMANCE, apply the patches 15-30 minutes before you begin a physical activity, and continue to wear them throughout the duration of the activity. Use daily for optimal results.

For RECOVERY, apply the patches immediately after activity and wear for up to 24 hours, upon which you will need to replace the patches with a fresh set. Use daily for optimal results.

For ACUTE OR CHRONIC PAIN, start with 2-3 patches to reset the inflammatory process (you may use more if necessary). Repeat daily for up to 10 days, then add or remove as you feel needed.