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Relief For Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is something experienced by many sportsmen and women. The elbow consists of bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles and damage or inflammation to any of the aspects within the elbow joint, or even the arm itself, can cause pain. The elbow is where the three bones in your arm meet at a hinge joint. This joint’s what allows you to bend your wrist in your forearm. Ever hit your funny bone only for it to be not so funny? That’s because you’ve hit your ulnar nerve, which connects to small hand movements.

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What Is Elbow Pain?

After you put in a good workout, your body needs rest to be able to repair the tiny tears that occur in muscles that lead to inflammation. This often comes with soreness and stiffness for a couple days after. Although you may feel your very best when you’re working out and right after, the pain that comes soon after can be a downer as it prevents you from going any further until you have healed. To cut that pain, soreness, stiffness, and overall recovery time, you need the very best anti-inflammation treatment out there for the serious athlete. STAMINAPRO has developed an Active Recovery Patch that works with your body’s natural healing processes to prevent early fatigue to allow you to work harder for longer.

What Cause Elbow Pain

After Workouts

The cause of elbow pain usually isn’t very dangerous. The standard issue with the elbow is a strain or inflamed tendons. This pain happens a lot in people who play sports. Ever hear of the term tennis elbow? Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis happen when muscles and tendons get damaged after repeating the same motion over and over. It’ll also occur if your arm muscles are weak, or if you’re performing a task in an awkward position. Although this is obviously popular in those who play a racquet sport, it’s not limited to those who play tennis or badminton! Even those who perform desk jobs for many years are subject to tennis elbow, due to creating small tears in the muscles and tendons, leading to inflammation and pain.

You can also experience elbow pain due to general strains and sprains in the ligaments. This agony can happen with sudden trauma to the elbow area or just repeated stress, leading to tears in the ligaments.

If you’re into sports and the gym, then you may easily be susceptible to elbow pain. From having the wrong grip on equipment to not warming up or stretching properly, there are many reasons why you could have elbow pain after a workout or game.

You don’t necessarily need to see a doctor for elbow pain as you usually only need a few days’ rest. However, you shouldn’t rest the elbow for too long, because that can then lead to joint stiffness, and can lead to other issues. The best way to avoid this is with the STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch.

Soreness and slight pain from playing sports are normal and does not normally need to be seen by a doctor. Even strains and sprains are usually minor, and ice, elevation (if possible) and over the counter painkillers are recommended. Meanwhile, you may find yourself sidelined while your body heals.

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How Staminapro Can Help?

When you experience elbow pain, it may seem easy enough to wrap it up and take a few painkillers; but sometimes taking a few days out to rest doesn’t appeal to everybody, especially if it’s a constant cycle. However, it’s inevitable that athletes would experience some inflammation, muscle fatigue, and soreness. This reason is why you have to give your body time to recover. If you don’t give your body the time it needs, it can lead to damage to the muscles, leaving you out of the game for even longer, and putting on a brace isn’t necessarily a great way of supporting you in recovery. STAMINAPRO has the solution to keep you going in their Active Recovery Patch recover.

With traditional training methods, you train, then recover. With the STAMINAPRO, you recover while you train. That’s due to the patch’s ability to target inflammation even before you start your workout. This product makes sure you can get the very best out of your training without early fatigue, improving your workout stamina

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The STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch does this by using energy medicine technology, an approach based on quantum physics, to target the source of the inflammation in the elbow area without the utilization of any drugs or chemicals. It uses the power of over 200 different remedies known to help with inflammation and swelling, and promote muscle recovery. This medicine includes amino acids, turmeric, and green tea extract to name a few. The signatures of these natural remedies transfers through a resonant carrier wave which puts these healing properties onto a patch. Once you apply the patch to the skin, the electrons activate to work with your body’s natural healing process to speed up recovery time, even while you’re working out, to keep that elbow pain away, and allow you to achieve optimal performance. There are no drugs or chemicals involved and no side effects, too. You should start feeling the difference within minutes of your workout and after as well.

You don’t need to worry about the patch coming off due to movement and sweat. The patch is designed to stay in place and deliver results for up to 24 hours, or even 72 hours for the smaller pieces. They can be worn in the shower, bath, and swimming pool too with no worries.

To use on the elbow, place a medium or large–(based on your normal inflammation levels)–STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch on a flat skin surface that’s closest to the elbow on the upper arm, forearm, or both. It’s recommended to start with a large patch to “reset” the recovery process and follow on with medium pads. Don’t cut up the parcel, or you’ll risk losing the electrical charge.

Stamina Pro has used thermography technology in the form of infrared cameras to show the impact the Active Recovery Patch when used for pain and inflammation. When there’s inflammation, there’s an increase of blood flow which raises the temperatures to be caught by infrared. After you apply the patch to the elbow area, there was a rapid decline of inflammation with insignificant indications of any pain after a mere 15 minutes. How quickly this will work is down to the individual, and times may vary, but when used prior, during, and after a workout, elbow pain shouldn’t be something you worry.

Try the STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch today to start getting the most out of your workout.

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