Immune Patches

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    Works well

    Posted by Brian F.

    Seems to work efficiently

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    Immune Patches

    Posted by Mark F.

    Easy to wear, easy to remove. A second source of caution.

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    Posted by Brian L.

    So far it feels as though the patches are working. It's hard to tell but my family got sick and I did not. The only difference is I wore the patch for a few days.

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    Measure of comfort

    Posted by Joseph J.

    I find it convenient to wear most often when traveling. Was around others that were sick to some degree but I wasn't impacted. Difficult to confirm but patches were likely a part of keeping me protected.

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    Helping my Immunity

    Posted by Cecilia

    Due to medical condition, I have low immunity. I catch everything my grandsons have when they have a slight cough, sore throat, etc. I will get sick! I've used natural oral supplements but it gets tiresome taking all those pills. Not to mention sometimes not agreeing with my stomach. I've got more energy when I use this patch, able to fight off germs going around and no worries about eating enough in order to take pills. Since stomach is not involved in processing the ingredients in this patch. Yes, I notice the difference if I forget to put on a new one. GREAT PRODUCT!

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    Immunity Enhanced

    Posted by Angela S.

    I wear an immunity patch whenever I leave my home to go out into the public. I feel it gives me extra protection against viruses and germs.

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    Excellent Product That REALLY Works!

    Posted by David P.

    I've spent most of my life pursuing high-energy, competitive, athletic hobbies, including hiking, tennis, running, etc. I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my knees recently. I've spent the past year trying every possible pain management product and device available. At first, I was skeptical of STAMINAPRO, but the day I put my first patches on was the day I became a believer! This product REALLY works well! My life has been restored to pursue my favorite hobbies and I've been able to sleep at night now whereas before my relentless knee pain would keep me up and make life extremely uncomfortable. Now, I am a professional, free-lance writer and have to stay seated behind my desktop computer. My knees before gave me fits. Now, with STAMINAPRO, I've been given a new pain- controlled lease on life that makes everything much better and more enjoyable. You owe it to yourself to give STAMINAPRO a try. You have absolutely nothing to lose but your pain!!! ----David Crews Ph.D.