Clinical Results

Clinically Proven To Reduce

Pain & Inflammation

To show how effective STAMINAPRO can be, we brought in a third-party CRO to conduct a formal clinical trial on how STAMINAPRO can help real people with real conditions.

Participants were asked to rate their current pain level on a scale form 0 to 10, before and after STAMINAPRO patches were applied to their body. This is known as the VAS Pain Scale, and is the industry standard method for measuring pain.

100% safe for sport
use at any competitive level

Letter from Dr. Ara Suppiah on StaminaPro Safety and Compliance

Objective Reduction
In Inflammation

STAMINAPRO produced a strong, visible changes in skin temperature when applied to the body. Skin temperature has been shown elsewhere to be associated with inflammation.

Pain was reduced from 7 to 4
On average within 45 minutes!

Pain Reduced
From 7.1 to 4.0

Figure shows cumulative VAS responses dropping from 7.1 to just above 4.0 within 45 minutes. This is a huge improvement, representing a nearly 40% reduction in pain on average. The VAS results correlate with a significant reduction in inflammation as revealed by thermal imaging. Selected thermography can be seen in figure 2.

Hundreds of Clinical

Less Pain & Inflammation

Putting it all together, both pain and inflammation as measured by industry standard methods move in the right direction. STAMINAPRO patches truly work for all types of people seeking relief.

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