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Participating in sport can be very rewarding, keeping out energy and fitness levels up, losing weight if that is a goal of yours, and possibly even building muscle. However, it doesn’t seem very rewarding when you are suffering from pain after a game. Normal recovery time can take a few days before you’re feeling fit to play or work out again. Thanks to the StaminaPro Active Recovery Patch, your recovery time between sports is reduced, getting you back out in the playing field in no time.

What are Sports Pains
and What Causes Them?

Sports pains is a common side effect of physical activity. It is also known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It’s usually is just soreness that stems from pushing your body to use muscles in ways your body is not used to. Very small tears in the muscle lead to soreness, stiffness, and inflammation. Recovery time is important to make sure no further damage occurs. You should never try to play on through the pain. This happens to anyone from the beginner to the elite.

Sports pains can obviously come from actual sports injuries as well. These can be from accidents like trauma but also more commonly improper gear and training, meaning strains and sprains to muscles. It can also come from not properly stretching or warming up. Pain can come from the knees or other joints, shins (shin splints), fractures, lower back, dislocations, and more. Recovery from these will more likely be longer than a few days.

There are two types of sports injuries that cause pain. The first one is acute, and that usually happens suddenly. It comes with severe pain and swelling. You may not be able to put any weight on the area or touch it if it is very tender. If it includes a joint then maybe range of motion is decreased, or it is painful to move. Chronic injuries happen when you play a sport for a long period of time. It comes with pain and swelling, even while resting, like the pain in lower back.

Try the StaminaPro Active Recovery Patch today to start getting the most out of your workout

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The science behind the StaminaPro Active Recovery Patch is an extraordinary breakthrough for today’s athlete. StaminaPro was created from Energy Medicine Technology, an approach based on quantum physics. This method uses the unique signatures of over 200 different natural remedies known for their healing properties for inflammation and swelling such as amino acids, turmeric, and Omega-3. These signatures are carried by a resonant wave and put onto a convenient patch. When this patch is adhered to the skin, the electrons activate and work with the body’s natural response to inflammation to accelerate the healing process. It is suggested that you use the StaminaPro Active Recovery Patch during the workout so it can work to keep that inflammation at bay, meaning you won’t be feeling fatigue too early and sports-related pain can be kept at a very minimum. You don’t need to worry about the patch coming off or moving out of place whilst exercising or due to excessive sweating. It is designed to stay firmly in place without causing any irritation to the skin, even during a shower or bath! There are no negative side effects with the StaminaPro Active Recovery Patch, just the best anti-inflammatory relief you can get. The medium to large patches can last for 24 hours while smaller patches will provide relief for up to 72 hours. You’ll notice the effects right away as well. Any existing pain and soreness will start to dissipate within minutes with pain completely eradicated soon after.

The StaminaPro Active Recovery Patch was designed using energy medicine technology. This stems from an approach based on quantum physics. This method will target the problem areas without the use of drugs or chemicals. Instead, it uses the power of over 200 different natural remedies known for their healing properties to fight against inflammation and swelling and promote muscle recovery. This includes turmeric, vitamin D, and amino acids. The signatures of these remedies are transferred through a resonant carrier wave onto a patch. When the patch touches the skin, the electrons activate and get to work with your body’s natural healing process to accelerate the recovery process. This is even done while you are playing, helping keep that pain and muscle fatigue away while you give it your all. You’ll notice the difference within minutes. There are no medications or chemicals to worry about, and no side effects too.

There is no need to worry about the patch moving or coming off due to extreme movement and sweat. It is made to stay in place, even in the shower, bath, or swimming pool. You will continue to get results with the medium and large patches for up to 24 hours.


Thanks to thermography technology, StaminaPro has been able to measure just how amazing the Active Recovery Patch is. When inflammation occurs, there is an increase in temperature as blood flow to that area increases. The rises in temperature are found on infrared cameras. Patches on different areas of the body all showed a difference within minutes, and the “hot spots” were already starting to disappear. After about 20 minutes,indication of inflammation had greatly decreased, with some areas already disappearing in that short amount of time.

The patches are easy to use. StaminaPro recommends using a large patch first to “reset” the body’s recovery process and help rid of existing inflammation and pain. You can then follow on with any size patch, depending on the size and pain level you are prone to. Simply put the patch onto a flat area of skin (not directly on a joint) that is as close to the problem area as possible. It is safe to use more than one patch at a time. You should not cut up the patches to fit areas though, as this will make it lose its electrical charge

Are you ready to be able to give the sports performance of your life? Play harder for longer thanks to the StaminaPro Active Recovery Patch. Try it today to see and feel the difference to your recovery times.

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