Lower back pain is a common ailment that can really knock you off your feet. It is often the most debilitating pain one could ever experience. Lower back pain can occur thanks to the slightest wrong movement. This is all too common when working out or playing sports. It is not necessarily a serious injury, although it can feel like it! You can take painkillers and rest while it heals before being able to work out again, or you can use the StaminaPro Active Recovery Patch that gets you back up and feeling your best again in no time.

About The Stamina pro
Active Recovery Patch

During a workout, your muscles develop tiny tears and inflammation that needs to heal. That is why you need to put in recovery time between sessions. While this can have an effect on the lower back, sometimes we go a bit too far and do a bit more damage than just tiny tears. This can be down to unnatural movements like twisting a bit too far or lifting weights inappropriately. We’re meant to feel great for working out, but soon after you can become sore and stiff. Lower back pain can see you out for a long time, unable to do even the simplest day-to-day tasks due to the pain. To treat and prevent this kind of pain, StaminaPro has created an amazing patch that keeps your body in check while you work out and afterward.


StaminaPro used astonishing Energy Medicine Technology to develop a patch that works while you train. This approach, based on quantum physics, identifies the signatures of over 200 natural remedies known for anti-inflammatories. This includes ingredients like ginger, turmeric, amino acids, green tea extract, and loads of vitamins and minerals, just to name a few. The electrons from these are transferred through a resonant wave carrier onto a patch. These electrons are activated when the patch makes contact with the skin and work with your body’s natural healing process to amplify the recovery and relieve pain. This patch stays put on your skin for 24 hours, even through the most rigorous workouts and sweat. It will even stay on in the bath or shower without irritating your skin.

StaminaPro suggests putting the patch onto the lower back area prior to a workout, so it starts working right away to keep inflammation and post-workout pain at a minimum. If you have any existing pain, you will notice a shift within a few minutes. Many people have their pain complete disappear soon after. StaminaPro suggests using a medium to large patch on the lower back area but start with a large to “reset” the process and keep using a large or switch to medium if you so wish. How often you need to use a patch is completely down to the individual, but one will last a whole 24 hours. If you had pain elsewhere on the body, it is perfectly safe to use another patch on that area.

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Advantages Of The Staminapro
Active Recovery Patch For Lower Back Pain

While you need to take medications every 4-6 hours, you only need
one StaminaPro patch for a whole 24 hours.

  • This makes them a cost-effective choice that works.
  • This is a completely natural product, so you know that no unnecessary drugs are entering your system.
  • With traditional medications, you generally have to wait for it to enter your system. That is not the case with the patches as they target specific areas and you feel the difference nearly right away.
  • The results have been proven to work thanks to thermography technology. Infrared cameras on the lower back had shown that lower back pain had already decreased dramatically after 15 minutes.


If you are active and want the best from your workout, then the StaminaPro Active Recovery Patch was made for you. Whether you lift weights or you need extra help with a pain in the lower back that won’t go away, StaminaPro will support you in your workout.

What People Are Saying

StaminaPro has already given much-needed recovery support and pain relief to some of the hardest working athletes out there. Here is what some of them said about the product:

“I always had inflammation after my training, and it used to hold me back, which led to more downtime and kept me from performing at my best. With StaminaPro I can reduce the inflammation while I train, enabling me to recover faster, train more often, and ultimately get the most out of my body.”

– Derek Anderson, NCAA & NBA Champion

“I find StaminaPro to be the most powerful tool and resource to help me recover. I train every day, sometimes twice a day, and the patches have helped me continually recover faster and help me manage big causesof soreness, with no negative side effects or disruption of movement. Luminas is one of the most genuine and effective healthcare product companies I have ever tried. I couldn’t imagine my life without them!”

– Clelia Stefanini, CrossFit Athlete

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