Justin Rose


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This revolutionary technology is being used right now by the world's top athletes and sports doctors to help reduce pain and inflammation, speed recovery and maintain peak physical performance.


Jeff Heuerman


"STAMINAPRO patches are a big part of my routine. I use them before games to eliminate any swelling and post game to keep swelling down and expedite my recovery process"


Derek Anderson


"I always had inflammation after my training and it used to hold me back, which led to more downtime and kept me from performing at my best. With STAMINAPRO I can reduce the inflammation while I train, enabling me to recover faster, train more often, and ultimately get the most out of my body."


Justin Friedman

Pitcher in the Chicago White Sox Organization

"The STAMINAPRO patches are the recovery tool I have been looking for! They have revolutionized recovery from being a scheduled session that is often neglected to something that can be done 24/7. The patches are easy to use and extremely effective. You can only train as well as you can recover. Between optimizing my sleep and reducing inflammation throughout the day, these patches have let me take my training to a new level. I have never felt better!"


Demaryius Thomas


"STAMINAPRO patches are big into my daily routine, either in practice or the game I use. They’re amazing for recovery and during, and give me big relief in the area I use it. Haven’t had anything better"


Dr. Ara Suppiah


"Tere’s nobody I can think of that I cannot use the patch on, it’s that good."


Dr. Craig Davies


"This is a game changer for pain relief"

Tested, Proven

Digital Infrared Thermography is used to measure the impact of the patches on the body.
It uses a specially designed infrared camera to precisely measure skin temperature and create a digital map
to illustrate the body’s physiological responses (the body’s automatic reactions to a stimulus).

When high degrees of inflammation are present in the body, there is an increase in blood supply and skin temperature as indicated by the white and red “hot spots” seen in the image. Once the STAMINAPRO patches are applied to hot spot areas, a rapid and steady reduction in temperature and inflammation is observed. Notice how the white and red hot spots become smaller and shift to yellow, green and blue within minutes after the patches are applied.

Our athletes

"This is a game changer"

Justin Rose

Olmpic Gold medalist

"I'm a big believer in staminapro"

Tony Finau

Pga tour winner

"It's the best recovery tool i have used"

Rich Froning

7x crossfit games champion

"This takes recovery to the another level"

Dwight Freeney

Super bowl champion

"Keeps Me on the snow all year long"

Julia Marino

X games gold medalist

"I could have played 10 more years"

Derek Anderson

NCAA & NBA champion

"I wish i had these in my playing days"

Andre Reed

Pro football hall of fame

"Gets me back on the ice in no time"

Erik Johnson

NHL professional hockey player

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From the weekend warrior or the casual runner all the way up to the professional athlete, we all experience wear and tear from the activities we love. This is often in the form of inflammation that causes muscle fatigue, aches/pains, and general soreness.


Brandon G.

Former college golfer/coach

"This is an incredible product, not only for myself but I’ve given STAMINAPRO to many friends and family with great feedback. It’s become the go-to product for preventative use and best of all there are no drugs or side effects."


Ally L.

Active runner

"If I know I’m going to be working out later or going for a run I’ll put a STAMINAPRO patch on. When I do then I know I won’t have to worry about the aches or pains from the activity."


Jessica N.

Competitive obstacle racer

"I always have the STAMINAPRO patches on me for my training and competitive races because I know they can help and will help. They have become a household favorite for my kids as well who do competitive swimming and water polo, and they stay on during use!"


Paul M.

Former NFL player

"I used to have bad knee pain and now I get to say there’s nothing wrong with my knee, because of these patches. STAMIANPRO is one of my tools in my toolkit."


Michael M.

Former college quarterback

"I can wear the STAMINAPRO patch before, during, or after an activity and when I do I’m not dealing with any sort of pain or inflammation at all. I don’t have to worry about being sore or stiff the next day."


Jeff P.

Former college athlete

"When you put STAMINAPRO on for the first time you don’t feel anything and then the next thing you know you don’t feel pain."

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