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How it Works

Choose Your Size

STAMINAPRO comes in 3 different sizes, each designed to treat different areas of the body.

Don’t know where to start? Try the Starter Pack

Don’t know where to start? Try the Starter Pack

Medium Patches

24 Medium Patches (1.5” x 2.75”)

  • Recommended
  • Neck, Elbows, Wrists, Hands, Ankles, Feet

Our smallest patch.
Ideal for smaller, more discreet areas of the body.

$37.99 $26.59

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Most Popular

Large Patches

24 Large Patches (2.75”x 4”)

Most Popular
  • Recommended
  • Arms, Forearms, Shoulders, Knees, Calves, Neck

Our best seller and most versatile.
Ideal for those that experience pain & discomfort in multiple areas.

$49.99 $34.99

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24 Strips (2″ x 10″)

  • Recommended
  • Back, Hamstrings, Legs

Our largest patch.
Ideal for larger areas of the body that need extra coverage.

$54.99 $38.49

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Find Your Patch

Starter Pack

12 Electroceutical Patches

(4 Large, 4 medium, 4 strips)

The starter pack contains all of our patch sizes and is meant to be an initial guide to your customized active recovery journey!

$29.99 $19.99

Clinically Proven
To Reduce Pain & Inflammation

Pain was reduced from 7 to 4
On average within 45 minutes!

Recover Like the Pros

This is a game changer

Justin Rose

Olympic Gold Medalist

Best recovery tool i've used

Rich Froning Jr.

8X Crossfit Games champion

I’m a big believer in StaminaPro

Tony Finau

PGA Tour Winner

Helps me get through injuries in my training

Molly Seidel

Team USA Runner

I don't go without them

Cameron Champ

PGA Tour Winner

Gets me back on the ice in no time

Erik Johnson

NHL Professional Hockey Player

Keeps me on the snow all year long

Julia Marino

X Games Gold Medalist

I was back to 100%

Kelly Claes

US Olympic Team - Beach Volleyball

Staminapro has made a difference in my life

Alissa Kacar

Golf Host

They are part of my toolkit

Steve Stricker

PGA Tour Winner

I use it every day

Troy Field

US Olympic Team - Beach Volleyball

Real People, Real Results

Brandon G.

Former College Golfer/Coach

“This is an incredible product, not only for myself but I’ve given STAMINAPRO to many friends and family. It’s become the go-to product for preventative use and best of all there are no drugs or side effects.”
Ally L.

Active Runner

“If I know I’m going to be working out later or going for a run I’ll put a STAMINAPRO patch on. When I do then I know I won’t have to worry about the aches or pains from the activity.”
Jessica N.

Competitive Obsctacle Racer

“My go-to for pain or inflammation and they are a blessing for my athletic teens. I love that you feel the relief and don’t get in the habit of using pain relievers. They have helped me so much in my racing and aid in a quick recovery. Game changer for sure!”
Carolyn C.

“Unless you’ve tried it, don’t knock it. This product has calmed down muscle spasms for me and sped up recovery by reducing or preventing inflammation. I prefer to use these as needed rather than turning to naproxen or ibuprofen. From recovery from snowboarding, weight training, or blood flow restriction therapy — What a difference STAMINAPRO makes!”
Richard F.

“I found immediate pain relief on an ankle injury. I also found relief instantly for a knee injury. Well worth the investment!”
Joe B.

“I'm 73 years old. I bike 100 miles per week, I play pickleball 3 times per week for 2 hours and I play 36 holes of golf per week. I used to struggle with my right knee but since finding STAMINAPRO, I'm pain free and loving it. Thank you for this product!!”
Lynda F.

“STAMINPRO has made this old body be able to work out again without aches and pains.”
Andrew H.

“I have had knee pain since I’ve had knees! I’ve partially torn my rotator cuff twice and I’ve suffered countless overuse injuries. STAMINAPRO helps me to stay in the game and recover faster!”
Michael S.

“Both of my AC joints give me fits. With consistent use of the large STAMINAPRO patches, I can recover quicker and have less irritation. These have helped my active lifestyle in a HUGE way!”
Jordan P.

“As a professional golfer, STAMINAPRO has helped me recover faster when dealing with minor aches and pains. Competing for multiple weeks in a row can take a toll on my body, so it’s essential to have something like STAMINAPRO that can reduce inflammation and pain while I compete. The best part is that it contains 100% natural ingredients.”
David S.

“I developed golfer’s elbow in the past 6 months. Very painful! Wearing STAMINAPRO patches made the pain go away during and after golf. I highly recommend them!”
Roger W.

“I play tennis and get sore afterwards. I put STAMINAPRO on my achilles tendon and inner thigh and get immediate relief. STAMINAPRO helps me recover quicker and do the physical activities I love to do.”
Don R.

“I've suffered lower back and neck pain for 40 years, so I ordered a STAMINAPRO variety pack and have been using them ever since. I literally don't leave the house without them when I go golfing.”
Brandy L.

“I have been suffering with knee pain and saw that the beach volleyball pros wear STAMINAPRO. I bought some for myself and immediately fell in love. It not only helps with my knee pain but makes me more confident in my play knowing that the patches are strong, durable, and move to my own body’s movement.”

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