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When you are training or competing, you want to be able to give your very best performance. This may be difficult to do if you are experiencing any type of pain or soreness. After a workout, recovery time is crucial while your body heals and reduces inflammation in the tissues. This can normally take a few days rest before you can get training again. Now this recovery time can be dramatically reduced thanks to the STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch, making sure you are back feeling your best and giving it your all as quickly as possible, making it the best anti-inflammation for athletes.

Staminapro Features

After you put in a good workout, your body needs rest to be able to repair the tiny tears that occur in muscles that lead to inflammation. This often comes with soreness and stiffness for a couple days after. Although you may feel your very best when you’re working out and right after, the pain that comes soon after can be a downer as it prevents you from going any further until you have healed. To cut that pain, soreness, stiffness, and overall recovery time, you need the very best anti-inflammation treatment out there for the serious athlete. STAMINAPRO has developed an Active Recovery Patch that works with your body’s natural healing processes to prevent early fatigue to allow you to work harder for longer.

The STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch targets the areas on your body where you would often feel the soreness most often, and it does this without the use of drugs or chemicals too. The patch comes in three different sizes, and you would use the one that is most suited to the troublesome area and/or pain levels. You put this one before a workout, and it will put that area into active recovery while you put in your best performance. Each patch is effective for 24 hours too, leaving post-workout soreness a thing of the past.

How It Works

The science behind the STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch is an extraordinary breakthrough for today’s athlete. STAMINAPRO was created from Energy Medicine Technology, an approach based on quantum physics. This method uses the unique signatures of over 200 different natural remedies known for their healing properties for inflammation and swelling such as amino acids, turmeric, and Omega-3. These signatures are carried by a resonant wave and put onto a convenient patch. When this patch is adhered to the skin, the electrons activate and work with the body’s natural response to inflammation to accelerate the healing process. It is suggested that you use the STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch during the workout so it can work to keep that inflammation at bay, meaning you won’t be feeling fatigue too early and sports-related pain can be kept at a very minimum. You don’t need to worry about the patch coming off or moving out of place whilst exercising or due to excessive sweating. It is designed to stay firmly in place without causing any irritation to the skin, even during a shower or bath! There are no negative side effects with the STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch, just the best anti-inflammatory relief you can get. The medium to large patches can last for 24 hours while smaller patches will provide relief for up to 72 hours. You’ll notice the effects right away as well. Any existing pain and soreness will start to dissipate within minutes with pain completely eradicated soon after.

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Proven Results

When compared to traditional painkillers, the STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch really does stand out at the best anti-inflammation option for active people.

  • One patch will keep working for 24+ hours, longer than your standard over the counter pain pills.

  • This makes them a cost-effective choice that works.

  • There are no harmful drugs or chemicals, making this a completely safe product to use.

  • You feel results within a few minutes. No waiting for it to get into your system like traditional medications.

STAMINAPRO have used the latest in thermography technology to track the anti-inflammatory influence their Active Recovery Patches have on various areas of the body that are prone to sports related injuries. When an area becomes inflamed, blood flow is increased there, and this causes a slight rise in temperatures that can be identified with infrared cameras, showing as glowing orange, red, and white (severe pain) areas. When patches were put on, you could see a decrease of these hot colors being replaced with the normal, cooler colors indicating that inflammation is disappearing. Within 15-20 minutes, indications of inflammation were nearly gone, and some of those areas were completely relieved of pain and swelling soon after.

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Who It Benefits

Anyone who likes to workout at the gym, train, run, play a sport or generally stay active will generally experience fatigue and soreness. The STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch will be beneficial in reducing inflammation and speeding up recovery times. If you’re an active person, then you will feel the difference using STAMINAPRO.

What People Are Saying

STAMINAPRO has already become a favorite amongst some of the most hardworking athletes. Here is what is being said about the breakthrough fitness patch:

“I always had inflammation after my training, and it used to hold me back, which led to more downtime and kept me from performing at my best. With StaminaPro I can reduce the inflammation while I train, enabling me to recover faster, train more often, and ultimately get the most out of my body.” – Derek Anderson, NCAA & NBA Champion

“I find STAMINAPRO to be the most powerful tool and resource to help me recover. I train every day, sometimes twice a day, and the patches have helped me continually recover faster and help me manage big causes of soreness, with no negative side effects or disruption of movement. Luminas is one of the most genuine and effective healthcare product companies I have ever tried. I couldn’t imagine my life without them!” – Clelia Stefanini, CrossFit Athlete Individual results may vary.

Staminapro gives you the Tools You Need For The very Best Workout

Thanks to thermography technology, it’s clear that the STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch is the best anti-inflammatory solution for those who like to be active in some form or another. Why waste time when you can opt to be at your very best thanks to a natural solution? Try StaminaPro during your next workout and start feeling the difference in your performance and recovery right away.

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