Our athletes

"This is a game changer"

Justin Rose

Olmpic Gold medalist

"I'm a big believer in staminapro"

Tony Finau

Pga tour winner

"It's the best recovery tool i have used"

Rich Froning

7x crossfit games champion

"This takes recovery to the another level"

Dwight Freeney

Super bowl champion

"Keeps Me on the snow all year long"

Julia Marino

X games gold medalist

"I could have played 10 more years"

Derek Anderson

NCAA & NBA champion

"I wish i had these in my playing days"

Andre Reed

Pro football hall of fame

"Gets me back on the ice in no time"

Erik Johnson

NHL professional hockey player

“they Are Part Of My Toolkit”

Steve Stricker

Pga Tour Winner

“i Don’t Go Without Them”

Cameron Champ

Pga Tour Winner


Dr. Ara Suppiah

Pro Athlete Physician

David Dunn

Pro Sports Agent


Sean Foley

Pro Golf Instructor

Dr. Craig Davies

Pro Athlete Trainer/Therapist

Dr. Brendan McLaughlin

Pro Athlete Trainer/Therapist

Dr. Stuart Love

Pro Athlete Trainer/Therapist

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