"The first time I used STAMINAPRO, I was amazed and almost in disbelief at how effective it was."

I was introduced to STAMINAPRO in the summer of 2017. In my sport, there are plenty of opportunities to test something like this, because there are plenty of sore muscles and injuries! The first time I used STAMINAPRO, I was amazed and almost in disbelief at how effective it was. After learning about the science behind it, and the fact that it contains no medicine, I was even more impressed, especially as a pro athlete who watches everything that goes into my body.

"I use STAMINAPRO regularly for sore muscles, like tight calves from being in my boots all day or sore back from landing compression. But also minor injuries that I might get during the day from a bail."

Medium patch

Medium Patches

24 Medium Patches (1.5” x 2.75”)





Large patch

Large Patches

24 Large Patches (2.75”x 4”)



Strip patch

Strip Patches

24 Strips (2″ x 10″)




Injury Recovery with STAMINAPRO

In the past I’ve used ibuprofen medication and NSAIDs, but tried to stay away from them unless it was completely necessary because of the unnatural ingredients inside of it. With STAMINAPRO, I felt significant pain relief within minutes and with the anti-inflammatory properties in the patch, it supports your body in healing itself in a natural and safe way. This past October I was in Saas Fee, Switzerland, training for the upcoming season. I came up about 10 feet short on a 75 foot jump. Anyone who watches my sport knows this is a bad thing, because it means dropping out of the sky onto a flat surface rather than the incline of the landing. I bruised my heel pretty bad, which is a common injury for snowboarders. It’s one of the longest and most frustrating injuries to recover from because its on the bottom of the foot and the only way to get back feeling 100% is to stay off of it and give it rest. I immediately put a STAMINAPRO patch on. I was amazed at the fact that I was able to be in my boot all day WITHIN 2 DAYS and was still able to ride!