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Walter Azabache

Marietta, GA

"No shoulder pain when heavy lifting! Thank you STAMINAPRO!"

Andrew Heuerman

Scottsdale, AZ

"I’ve partially torn my rotator cuff twice and I’ve suffered countless overuse injuries. STAMINAPRO helps me stay in the game and recover faster!"

Jessica Buhay

Grand Rapids, MI

"No matter what exercises I did to relieve the pain, it still lingered until I found these STAMINAPRO patches. "

Brandy Lewis

Chula Vista, CA

"STAMINAPRO not only helps with my knee pain but also makes me more confident in my play knowing that it is so strong and durable. It moves to my body’s movement. I recommend it to anyone that suffers with any injuries."

Jessica Nenadov

Signal Mountain, TN

"They have helped me so much in my racing and always aid in a quick recovery."

Lynda Furman

Grand Rapids, MI

"STAMINAPRO has made this old body be able to work out again without aches and pain."

Don Harold

New Lenox, IL

"I've suffered lower back and neck pain for 40 years. I literally don't leave the house without STAMINAPRO when I go golfing."

Jean Flores

Temecula, CA

"Helps me recover after a good training session."

Danielle Loughin

Grand Rapids, MI

"I have residual shoulder and neck pain from a car accident. STAMINAPRO has allowed me to fully function in daily life again without feeling constantly achy!"

Ron Keegan

B.C., Canada

"Best pain relief product I have ever used. Period."

Jordan Pittman

Johore, Malaysia

"Competing for multiple weeks in a row can take a toll on my body, so it’s essential to have something like STAMINAPRO. The best part is that it contains 100% natural ingredients. "

Randy Lacienski

Girard, Georgia

"STAMINAPRO keeps me going."

Jeremy Teblum

Tulsa, OK

"I credit STAMINAPRO for helping to keep our athletes on the court day in and day out."

Joe Berg

Sun City West, AZ

"I'm 73 years old. I bike 100 miles per week, I play pickleball 3 times per week for 2 hours and I play 36 holes of golf per week. I used to struggle with my right knee but since finding STAMINAPRO, I'm pain free and loving it. Thank you for this product!!"

David Siess

Oro Valley, AZ

"I developed golfer's elbow in the past 6 months. Wearing STAMINAPRO made the pain go away during and after golf."

Roger Wood

Cambridge, MA

"After I play tennis, I put STAMINAPRO on my achilles tendon and inner thigh to get immediate relief from the soreness. "

Marissa Gagnon

Grand Rapids, MI

"Helped with pain from my scoliosis!"

Mark Daisy

Lake Ann, MI

"I hit STAMINAPRO up before, during, and after the bike rides and felt strong still in the last miles. I’m locked in on STAMINAPRO."

Jason Tininenko

Phoenix, AZ

"My son plays football and works out daily. He has issues with his lower back and knees. We started using STAMINAPRO and it helps quickly reduce the inflammation and any pain. It lets him continue to work out and play each week!"

Luis Garcia

Bellflower, CA

"It has helped me relieve my back pain and joint pain which has led me to move better and easier."

Edward Esparza

Yakima Washington

"I have gone through the gauntlet with anti-inflammatories, CBDs, heat packs, and ice packs. I have seen chiropractors, PTs, D.O.s, and massage therapists. Some have worked, and some just took my money. Immediately, there was a different result with STAMINAPRO: no residual next-day pain and no sleepless nights."

Justin Jones

Garner, NC

"STAMINAPRO gives me relief from pain and the confidence that the pain will stay away when I’m doing the things I enjoy, like tennis and golf. I always put on one or two patches before I go play."

Donald C Lail

Monroe, NC

"Back. Arm. Shoulder. Hip. Legs. Wherever you have pain, these things work."

Kyle Schovanec

Oklahoma City, OK

"As I have grown older, I have constantly struggled with shoulder pain, back pain, and other nagging injuries that limit by ability to do what I want, when I want - pain free. I couldn't be happier with what STAMINAPRO offers and how it helps me keep my body pain free!"

Ron Begemann

Las Cruces, NM

"These patches have worked wonders!!!"

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