STAMINAPRO (24 Patches)

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StaminaPro patches are a quantum leap forward in pain relief and recovery technology. Conventional patches, tapes, or creams rely on physically stretching the tissue or delivering menthol to the skin to promote blood flow and cooling sensations.

StaminaPro does not use chemicals to produce effects. Instead it takes an entirely different approach, delivering the energetic signatures of hundreds of anti-inflammatory and pain relieving constituents directly to the body, reducing pain and fatigue associated with strenuous activity.

Wearing the StaminaPro patches before, during, and after athletic activity provides your muscles and joints with the energetic information needed to keep pain and inflammation down, so you can feel better and perform stronger. We call this new concept Active Recovery. StaminaPro patches are 100% safe for serious athletes or anyone facing drug screening.

No Drugs. Just physics.

• 12 Medium Patches (1.5”x2.75”)
• 6 Large Patches (2.75”x4”)
• 6 Strip Patches (2″ x 10″)

Patches come in assorted colors — all charged with the same powerful formula.

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