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As anyone who participates in “the sport of fitness” knows, managing the inflammation that results from training in an effort to optimize recovery, is as integral to an athlete’s fitness journey as the workout of the day. Everyone from elite athletes to weekend warriors has seen, if not tried, conventional tape, patches, and other products on an achy joint or sore muscle. STAMINAPRO has something that no other product on the planet has, an energetic charge that reduces inflammation, that you can utilize while you are training by wearing it on your skin.


“Two years ago, I tore my meniscus while training. Throughout my recovery I have been battling inflammation around my knee, and up until that point had found no immediate relief or reduction in inflammation from anything I was trying. STAMINAPRO reached out to me via social media to try the product and I immediately felt a difference after applying it to my knee, and visibly noticed a reduction in swelling. I’ve since used STAMINAPRO for general recovery on my quads, hamstrings, hips, and shoulders. It works.”


Rich describes his regimen as, “I use STAMINAPRO if I know I’m going to do something that is going to fire up my knee or to help move inflammation out after I do something that aggravates my knee.” Rich also supplements it’s use nightly saying, “I usually switch it out every night before I go to bed and let it work through the night (take old off and put new on.)”

The patches are not designed to treat traumatic injury but are useful for inflammation, fatigue, and the kinds of tension and aches and pains that dedicated athletes tend to suffer from.

STAMINAPRO for Recovery and Competition

When describing his recovery methods and the effect STAMINAPRO has had, Rich says, “It has made recovery a lot faster and I have to take less easy days on my knee. I can definitely feel a difference in how my knee feels when using STAMINAPRO.”

The benefit of the STAMINAPRO is that it unobtrusively allows you to recover while you’re competing or training. Instead of taking time away from practice or competition to let nagging injuries like a sore muscle or tendonitis rest and recover, you can put the tape on to help the problem area recover while training or competing.

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