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StaminaPro Patches are developed by Luminas, an innovative developer and manufacturer of the newest electroceutical charging technology. The Luminas proprietary technology is currently being used for pain and chronic inflammation. 

The concept Luminas is using, helping the body energetically, has been well established throughout the world from the widespread use of acupuncture, acupressure and homeopathy. The proprietary charging process is the next generation whereby electrons are charged into a patch. The products direct these energies without requiring the use of needles, creams or consumption of a diluted solution. When worn on the body, remarkable shifts can be observed through medical thermal imaging and pain relief is often felt within minutes.

This revolutionary energy charging technology offers limitless possibilities for use in a wide range of industries — including health, jewelry, agriculture, food, cosmetics, and apparel. The direct benefit to consumers will be unrivaled and the progressive companies that utilize this technology to create new products or improve existing products will stand to gain greater success for years to come.

StaminaPro is excited to bring the Luminas technology to the inflammation prevention space, enabling people recover faster and maximize their potential.

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