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As anyone who participates in “the sport of fitness” knows, managing the inflammation that results from training in an effort to optimize recovery, is as integral to an athlete’s fitness journey as the workout of the day. Everyone from elite athletes to weekend warriors has seen, if not tried, conventional tape, patches, and other products on an achy joint or sore muscle. STAMINAPRO has something that no other product on the planet has, an energetic charge that reduces inflammation, that you can utilize while you are training by wearing it on your skin.


I first met the STAMINAPRO team at the Players Championship down at TPC Sawgrass and was very intrigued by the idea of the product. Health, Fitness, and Recovery are three things that I’ve worked on very hard on in my career to really optimize my game and keep me performing at my best.

The thought of adding the STAMINAPRO Active Recovery patches into my routine to recover faster and recover smarter had the potential to be a game changer. Taking that idea and going a step further to utilize the patches before you practice, play, and workout to get the recovery benefits proactively was really exciting to me.


I had been using the STAMINAPRO patches for all sorts of general use cases: on my lower back for stiffness, on an elbow for a small tweak here and there from hitting balls, and was fortunate enough to not have any real injuries where I needed to use them.

On an off day I was playing football with my son in the back yard, rolled my ankle pretty bad and immediately patched up. Instead of being out for days or weeks I experienced almost no down time and was able to go compete at Colonial the following week, and actually ended up winning the tournament. That to me was the first full test of what these patches can do and what they can mean to professional athletes and the average active person alike. I utilize the patches now as part of my daily routine, proactively to get the most of the product’s potential.

“I utilize the patches now as part of my daily routine,
proactively to get the most of the product’s potential.”


I gave my feedback to the team on what I saw using the product. Between myself and my trainers also we wanted to see about making a larger strip sized patch for various applications. The STAMINAPRO team was able to quickly turn around some prototypes for testing and I am very happy at where the finalized products have landed.

Justin Rose recently passed the 20th anniversary of his professional golf career and he marked the occasion appropriately, by reaching No.1 in the world for the first time


Since golf’s Official World Ranking was launched in 1986 there have been 23 different world No.1 golfers, and their average age on the day of reaching the pinnacle is 30. So far in 2018, at the time of writing, four golfers have held the top slot: Dustin Johnson, who is now 34; Justin Thomas, at 25; Brooks Koepka, at 28, and then there’s Justin Rose. This week and for a fortnight in September, the FedExCup winner, European Ryder Cup driving force, and man playing arguably the finest golf of his career reached the No.1 position—at the seasoned age of 38.

Englishman Rose, the 2013 U.S. Open champion at Merion, a nine-time PGA Tour winner and a pro since the age of 17 in 1998, took a full 20 years of tour golf to reach the summit, making him the oldest world No.1 since Fiji’s Vijay Singh in September 2004 (at the age of 41 and six months). Singh remains the oldest golfer to be ranked at the top, with the only other No.1 older than Rose being Tom Lehman, who was 38 years and 44 days old when he assumed the throne, for one week only, in April 1997. There are only two days between them: when Rose became No.1 in September, he was 38 years and 42 days old.

This is not things just “working out” or some kind of arbitrary entitlement, his number finally coming up. No, this Rose has not bloomed late so vividly by accident or thanks to genetics. It has been due to some old-fashioned grit and discipline, paired with a dose of new-age thinking.

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