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How Staminapro Works

STAMINAPRO patches utilize energetic signatures to instantly deliver performance and recovery benefits directly to the body.

What Is Energetic Delivery?

Our proprietary energy charging technology is based on the concept that every molecule in nature has a unique energetic “signature” that can produce specific effects in the human body.

While energy medicine has been around for hundreds of years, it is making its way into the modern world, as mainstream studies continue to demonstrate its efficacy, and as our understanding of biophysics continues to deepen and improve.

The Staminapro Patch

We believe that electrons are the medium by which energetic signatures are exchanged between bodies. StaminaPro utilizes a proprietary technology that captures electrons from hundreds of natural, beneficial compounds, and then “charges” those electrons into the StaminaPro patch.

The patches are made of non-woven mylar, the same material used in capacitors to store electrons in high density covalent bonds. When the patch is applied to the skin, the body’s own electric field (about 200mV) creates a charge differential that pulls the electrons from the patch and into the body.

Because the electrons carry the energetic signatures of the original substance, the body has a "library" of energetic signatures which it can utilize, without any side effects from the original chemistry.

The Active Recovery Breakthrough

All athletic activity will produce varying degrees of fatigue and inflammation in the body. As fatigue and inflammation increase, our performance decreases: we get tired, our muscles become sore and our joints ache, and we need to rest and recover.

Wearing the StaminaPro patches before, during, and after athletic activity provides your muscles and joints with the energetic information needed to keep pain and inflammation down, so you can perform better and perform longer. We call this new concept Active Recovery. What will it do for your game?

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