Six Ways to Wear STAMINAPRO Strips

Posted by Admin on Jul 14th 2021



Wearing STAMINAPRO during activity helps target inflammation as it is caused. By reducing inflammation, your body will be able to heal faster resulting in less pain and better performance.

Here we are sharing 6 popular ways that you can wear STAMINAPRO strips!

Place 1-2 Strips on forearm(s) to help fight off elbow pain, tennis elbow

Place 1-2 Strips on shoulder(s) to help aid in rotator-cuff injuries, swimmers shoulder, heavy-lifting, and more.


Place 2 Strips vertically on each side of spine to help ease pain in thoracic area of spine, or stiffness and swelling of pain in mid or lower back. 

Place 2 Strips on lower region of back to help fight off sciatic nerve pain, scoliosis, and swelling of lower back muscles. 

Place 1 Strip on each calf to aid in tight calves, shin splints, muscle strains, and more. 


Place 1-2 Strips on inside or back of hamstrings if you are experiencing tightness, sharpness, or swelling.

Reminder: At the end of the day, you know your body best, so you can choose to wear STAMINAPRO in the way that feels most comfortable for your body! Shop STAMINAPRO here