Patch Placement

Patch Placement

Posted by Admin on Oct 13th 2021


Where you place your STAMINAPRO patches matters.

Most people assume that in order for STAMINAPRO patches to work, they must be placed directly on the site of pain and/or inflammation. But, that is not entirely true.

While the patches work great directly on the site of pain, the truth is that (1) the root cause inflammation, pain or discomfort does not always stem directly from exactly where it hurts and (2)  electroceuticals radiate through the body and beyond where the patch is placed. 

What does this mean for you? This means that you can place patches adjacent to the area of concern and it will still work! For example, if you have achy joints and place the patches on the surrounding areas of your joints, the patches will still target the inflammation.


As shown in the thermography below, you can see how STAMINAPRO patches radiate their anti-inflammatory effects.

The human body will induce the flow of electrons as needed to help reduce inflammation, and the effect will radiate through the broader area.