Before, During, and After

Before, During, and After

Posted by Admin on Oct 13th 2021


With our electron imprinting technology, our patches have the power to target the pain of tired and achy muscles without the need of harmful drugs or synthetic chemicals.

Our STAMINAPRO Active Recovery patches are effective at relieving sore muscles, backaches, and achy joints. They can be worn before and during activity for performance and can also be worn after activity for optimal recovery.

Less Downtime. Faster Recovery. Better Performance.



There are no active ingredients in STAMINAPRO patches, only the electron signatures of each, which means no adverse side effects that are commonly experienced with transdermal patches, creams, or gels that are medicated.

Upgrade your anti-inflammatory tool for your next workout. You can reduce muscle soreness, muscle stiffness, and other aches to help you recover faster.

No Drugs. Just Physics.